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"I cannot say enough good about my coaching experience with Kristin! I'm so over quick fixes, fearing food, and setting unrealistic food and exercise goals that leave me feeling like a failure!!! I'm done being unhappy with my body image. With Sorella Wellness I've found life balance. I eat well, find time for exercise without it adding stress to my already busy life, am sleeping better, and I've found ME TIME again!? 


Before Sorella Wellness I had lost myself and I didn't even know it. As a typical self-sacrificing woman, I was giving my all to my husband, kids, home and work, but it was because I hadn't even THOUGHT about my needs and what I wanted. I hadn't given it any thought for so long that even when I found the time to do something for myself....I didn't know how to anymore. 


This was an investment in me. I signed up for 6 weeks with Sorella Wellness and rebuilt myself, and I would recommend it anyone who wants better sleep, exercise that brings you joy, healthier eating and healthier thoughts about food, quality 'me time,' a closer relationship with God, and to find yourself again. You'll be amazed at the woman you see in the mirror after 6 weeks."

-Meredith Quinn

"Kristin is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable about women’s health and wellness, with a specialty it pre and postnatal training. I found that my training with Kristin prepared me for child birth and returning to exercise after baby! Highly recommended:)"

-Hannah Dybwad

"I was a couple months into my second pregnancy (10 years after my first child) and had a desk job at the time, so I knew I needed something to get my body moving and ready for its upcoming journey. I also knew that I needed something or someone to inspire me to move. 


Cue Kristin. She walked into the room and she was exactly what I needed; she is upbeat, positive, and so encouraging. She took the time to listen to my goals and created a regimen that worked best for me. I'll be the first person to tell to you that I was not always up for our sessions, but she always made my day and always challenged me in a very comfortable environment. She was also very patient with me and was always willing to listen to my long list of ailments (I can be a bit dramatic from time to time ;) ) I know our time together helped me develop a body strong enough for a quick delivery to a very healthy baby boy. 


After baby came, I had some nasty postpartum depression. Cue Kristin again. She checked in with me right when I needed it and gave me the push I needed to get working on me again. I can't even describe what moving my body and Kristin's ability to listen and positive outlook did for my mental wellness. I was able to bring baby to my sessions and could incorporate him into my workout or really just focus on my body (while Kristin snuggled with him). I finally started to feel like me again, not just a breastfeeding lump on the couch.


I've since moved away from the Grand Forks area and sincerely miss our time together. I continue to recommend Kristin to my Forks friends. She is a delight to work with and will help you not only accept, but find love for yourself no matter where you are at in life. Go see for yourself"

-Chris Berry

"I love the classes! Babe is always welcome so I never have to feel guilty leaving to get some me time! I've even done classes where I have to hold him the whole time and its been amazing! It's all about women health and being proud of what our bodies can do!"

-Trinna Connel

"After a long illness, I found Kristin’s Mind/Body class. Her class was exactly what my body needed to start healing not only physically but mentally and spiritually. After a year, I am so much stronger and can actually do physical things with my family again. Highly recommend to anyone just starting or super fit and looking for something new!"

-Taunya Schleicher

I began my personal training with Kristin in the summer of 2017. My husband had just returned from a year-long deployment that left me a newlywed with a fixer-upper first home, two dogs (one being a 100-lb puppy) and a new full-time job to care for by myself. My job was 30 miles away, which added an hour of travel time to my already long days. During that year on my own, I felt very busy, alongside a mountain of responsibility. The winter was hard, adding another layer of work to my already long list of responsibilities. 

I say all of this to show the place that I was in when meeting Kristin. I had added weight to my body, primarily caused by stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise. I was in the thick of my late 20’s, where the body just started slowing down. I had always been a relatively “normal” size and, therefore, had never taken the time to learn about wellness, self goals, self appreciation, mental health, or even HOW to even go about these things. 

When I started with Kristin, my goal was the ideal body. Not the magazine, body builder type, but the “Yes! Let me just grab my bikini and let’s take a spontaneous trip to the beach for the day!” Kristin was kind, all the while striving to teach me about self worth and the realities of what being a woman means. 

She walked me through my pregnancy, using both personal and group sessions to prepare me for childbirth and a quick recovery afterwards. Kristin became my mentor for both diet and life (although she probably doesn’t know this.) 

Kristin takes into account my body type, self goals, my willingness to participate 😂, and I’m sure so much more than I even realize when creating my workout sessions. She is extremely supportive (even more than I want sometimes.. haha) in getting me comfortable with workouts on my own. Although this scares me and I’d much rather work out with her, I appreciate her selflessness in putting me first, including saving me training costs at her expense.

Kristin is an amazing person. She is fully committed to women succeeding in every aspect of their lives. She is so intelligent when it comes to the body and what the body needs. I am continually amazed at her ability to teach form, breathing techniques, and strategies to maximize a workout, along with finding a way to do all of this with minimal equipment and anywhere convenient. I really appreciate all that Kristin has done for me over the past two years and KNOW that I wouldn’t be where I am in terms of weight, body image, and exercise level without her.

-Jessica Lyzewski

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"I have loved working with and learning from Kristin! Her approach (and she) is filled with grace and kindness, leading to self motivation and self love. I have benefited greatly from her. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer, online trainer or in the group fitness setting! Also, I appreciate how much research she does regarding pre and postnatal fitness! She is excellent!"

-Jeanmarie Dahl