Sweet Detox Salad

I’ve been playing around with different recipes that will help the body natural detox from built up toxins & heavy metals.

Overtime, our mind and bodies can start to feel the repercussions of heavy toxic exposure from synthetic chemicals such as:

- artificial sweeteners: examples include sweet'n low, splenda, ect..

- polymers: found in some plastic

- parabens: found in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

- phthalates: often found in plastic or as solvents in cosmetics

If exposed to these toxins in too great of a quantity we are at risk for experiencing unwanted symptoms ranging from various cancers and anxiety/depression to symptoms that are not as severe but effect day-to day living such as brain fog, dizziness, migraines, skin irritation, chronic dry and red eyes, inflammation and swelling in the body just to name a few.

If you want to give your beautiful bod a little healing boost, this one is a winner! Not only does the asparagus naturally help your liver cleanse and detox (no need for expensive supplements when your body has a natural detox system!) but you’ll get your sweet tooth fix with all of the vibrant fruits that give this salad it's naturally sweet taste!


*no portion sizing per usual, but I encourage you to be intuitive // the more fruits + veggies the better!

Spring Mix


Asparagus cut into little pieces (large amount)


Lightly salted almonds

Freeze dried mangos

Freeze dried raspberries

Dressing: drizzled honey

Bonus tip for all my gluten free friends: if you want a little crunch in your salad but are steering clear from croutons or non-whole foods, add freeze dried fruit! I added mangos and raspberries to this deliciously sweet & cleansing salad mix 🌱

Enjoy this salad that hits the spot and tell us in the comments what you think! Enjoy!

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