Natural Hair-Rescue Hydrating Mask

Today’s blog is dedicated to all my ladies out there who struggle with the dreaded dry hair, itchy scalp, or even hair loss. This mama has been through it all!

I would currently describe my hair as average/thick. It used to be a lot thicker, but much of it has fallen out postpartum. One thing that has always remained the same no matter what I do, is I’ve always leaned on the dryer side. Now that I’m a year out postpartum, my scalp still seems to be itchy, and I have still been experiencing hair loss.

Cue my Natural Hair Rescue Hydrating Mask!

A couple of weeks ago we were on the boat at the lake and I could hardly handle how itchy my scalp felt and how brittle my hair seemed to be! I had coconut oil on hand and after a dip in the water, I decided to try a treatment to see if it would help.

I slathered a large amount of coconut oil into my hair and I spent about 10 minutes massaging a large amount of oil into my scalp. I then didn’t shower for about 24 hours (#momlife). After a good, gentle shampoo + conditioner (I love the damage remedy line by Aveda!) I was completely shocked at how amazing my hair felt! I lost less hair in the shower, my itching was completely gone, and my hair was softer than it had been in years. Winning!

The second time I tried this Natural Hair Rescue treatment, I used castor oil, an oil known to be extremely nourishing for the skin and stimulating for hair growth. This time I left the oil in for about 12 hours and got similar results!

Ladies, these is no need to spend a large amount of money on hair care, when we have natural products that are free from any chemicals, preservative, or additives readily available! But don’t worry, my Aveda addiction is still in full force.

Natural Hair-Rescue Hydrating Mask


  • organic castor oil (coconut and jojoba are also great options)

  • vitamin e (optional)

  • an old towel/pillow case/hat you don’t mind getting oily


  1. Split hair at the crown and gently massage a large amount of oil directly directly onto your scalp.

  2. Continue for the next 10-15 minutes splitting hair into sections and gently massaging oil directly onto the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

  3. If your hair tends to be dry, feel free to add oil to the remaining pieces of hair.

  4. Braid your hair, and leave the Natural Hair-Rescue Hydrating Mask on for 12-24 hours. Make sure you have a hat to cover if you need to go out (this way your friends at Target aren’t concerned you stopped showering, but feel free to just own the oily head if you’d like!) When you sleep, you also might want to wrap your hair in a silk towel or pillow case that you don’t mind getting a bit oily.

  5. Shampoo and shower like your normal routine. I use the Damage Remedy Line by Aveda and sometimes use Kristin Ess purple shampoo.

  6. Let hair air dry if possible, to prevent the damage from heating tools.

  7. Style as normal and notice the difference in hair texture and the calmness of your scalp!

Try out my Natural Hair-Rescue Hydrating Mask and let me know what you think in the comments below!



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