Collagen 101

Odds are if you’ve researched how to support hair, skin, and nail growth, you’ve come across collagen, arguably the most vital protein source. In this article we are going to chat about why collagen protein is so crucial for your body, how to naturally boost this vital protein, and if supplementing is right for you!

What is collagen and why is it so important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is found in our bones, muscles, tendons, skin, nails, blood vessels, and in our digestive tract. This vital protein is hard, insoluble, fibrous, and can be described as the "glue" in our body that holds everything together.

The Role & Benefits Of Collagen In Our Body

- provides strength to our skin and repairs and replaces skin cells

- supports metabolism and regulates blood sugar (thanks to glycine - the key amino acid found in collagen

- maintains the health of joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, hair, skin, and nails.

- supports joint pain in pregnancy and postpartum