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Beginners Guide to Green Juice (feat juicing w/ Jake)

Ohhh the diet trends that come and go - juicing definitely has been a hot topic these past couple of years, and I believe for a good reason! Have I ever done a juicing fast? No way (love food), but I have fallen in love with replacing one of my daily cups of coffee with an adorable mason jar full of green juice goodness. Read on to see why I love the benefits of green juice, plus my favorite beginners recipe!

Benefits of Green Juice

1. Energy without the crash

This is by far my favorite reason why I consistently have loved having my green juice first thing in the morning. Due to all of the amazing nutrients, my body tingles with a happy energy, without the crash a couple of hours later. This mama needs all of the extra + happy energy she can get!

2. High in antioxidants + vitamins + minerals

I wish I could say I easily get heaping amounts of fruits and veggies in everyday, but that isn’t always the case. Green juice has most of the benefits of fruits and veggies, so if I start my day with a cup of juice, I at least feel confident I put that in my body! I see it as starting your day with veggies just like you would working out first thing in the morning - it sets the tone for the whole day!

3. Easy to digest

My gut has been all over the place since having babies (new food sensitivities and food aversions). Because there isn’t a ton of pulp in the juice, it is low in fiber - fiber is a GOOD thing, but often can be tough for our bellies to digest in high amounts. Again, through drinking the juice, I know I’m getting most benefits of fruits + veggies and my mind and belly feel happy!


Tbh even with the grocery bag, I think the juicer is a pain to clean, so I’m just thankful Jacob typically makes our juice! (hence juicing with jake!) Green Juice + Jacob = 2 pretty amazing things.

Favorite Green Juice Recipe

1 apple

1 large cucumber

4 celery stalks

4 heaping cups of leafy greens (we switch it up)

1 lemon

Run all ingredients through the juicer and you will see a beautiful, vibrant, instagram-worthy green juice.

We typically add water to

a) dilute the juice and

b) make it into about 3 servings

Serve over ice and enjoy!

You will get the most nutrient benefit if you drink the juice right away, but we simply don’t have time to take the juicer out everyday. The juice should be good for about 72 hours.

There you have it! Give our recipe a try and let us know how you feel! If you have a favorite recipe or any tips, drop in the comments below and we will give it a try!

Happy Juicing!