5 Minute Core + Pelvic Floor Workout

As a busy mama of 2 I totally get that there are not enough hours in the day for long and elaborate workouts! That’s why creating quick, effective exercises has been so helpful in not only

my journey, but in many of my clients! Check out the exercises below in my quick, 5 minute core and workout routine or scroll to the bottom for the YouTube link so you can follow along and try for yourself!

1. Deep Belly Breath

10 reps

- knees bent + feet hip distance

- hands on belly for mind/body connection

- inhale/exhale through your nose checking in with any tension in your body

- inhale pelvic floor softly lowers away, exhale pelvic floor draws up and in

2. Pelvic Tilts

10 reps

- hands on hips

- inhale tilting pelvic floor to ground, creating gap under small of back

- exhale tilting pubic bone to belly button or hips to nips, pushing the small of back flat on the mat

3. Isolated Pelvic Tilt Hold

30 seconds

- hands at side, tilt pelvis forward (small of back planted)

- lift legs to 90 degrees

- Hold and breath

- modification: if it feels like you can’t keep back planted, straighten legs until you feel confident in form

4. Alternating Leg Lower

6 each side

- small of back planted on ground

- lift legs ensuring back stays planted and rib cage stays tucked in

- inhale as you lower one leg until you feel your back lift

- exhale as you engage to start position

- alternate legs

5. Bridges

10 reps

- hands at side, feet and knees in line, about hip distance

- lift glutes to sky, avoid hyperextending spine

- roll body down one vertebra at a time

- tilt pelvis under at bottom

6. Windshield Wipers

however many feels good!

- reset your body and slowly drop both knees to one side of the mat and repeat slowly on opposite side

- coninue back and forth, bringing blood flow into your body and releasing your spine and hips

That’s it ladies!! A quick 5 minute workout that will bring more awareness and health into your core and pelvic floor!

If you’d like to follow along, check out my YouTube video below: