5 Affirmations For A Happy + Relaxing Pregnancy

A growing body, feeling those first little wiggles, some unexpected side effects (why hemroids?!), finally seeing your little on the ultrasound - pregnancy is filled with rollercoaster emotions and it can be all too easy to spend time worrying about things we have no control over. Taking the time to practice positive affirmations can help ease some of the anxieties and give you confidence to actually enjoy every minute of carrying that little babe!

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1. My body is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Extra rolls, cellulite, and don’t even get me started on the stretch marks.. it can be a mind game watching your body grow larger when you have spent most of your life with society telling you to get smaller! All of the changes are for a purpose and reminding myself that it’s all for baby, eases some of the anxieties surrounding my changing body.

2. My baby feels happy + safe inside of me.

Isn‘t it the cutest to picture that little babe smiling and dancing inside of your belly? Literally closing my eyes and picturing what baby looks like and what baby is doing in my belly gives me butterflies just thinking about it!

3. I release any fears in this pregnancy.

Stay off google. I repeat. Stay off google. Spending hours searching “what ifs” on google will do nothing but add fuel to the fire. Fear is caused by worry of the future and the fact is, that right now, in this moment, baby and I are okay. I want to savor + enjoy every minute of carrying this little love bug and send baby all the positive vibes!

4. My body was created to give birth.

Ohhhh giving birth. I am constantly fascinated by the birth stories my clients tell me - each completely unique. Each perspective described in a totally different way. Giving birth to a mini human is hard work, there’s no denying that. But the fact is, our bodies were designed for this and reminding myself that my body is capable, eases some of my birth-day fears.

5. Deep Breath (inhale feel cool air, exhale feel warm air)

Okay so not technically an affirmation, but slowing down, and feeling the sensation of each breath, helps to bring me back to the present moment. Reminding myself that right now, in this moment, baby and I are both healthy and safe is sometimes all I need to release any anxieties.

Slowing down + staying present can help us see the joy in the midst of all the change. What a gift, to carry such a little blessing!

Girl, you deserve to feel like the beautiful, glowing woman that you are!

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Wishing you all things peace + positivity throughout your pregnancy!



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