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1:1 Integrative Wellness Consulting
Are you ready to get serious about your health and incorporate meaningful habits into your lifestyle?
Kristin has been there - an 80lb weight fluctuation, body image dysmorphia, orthorexia, experiencing postpartum depression, and developing a debilitating illness (similar to autoimmune disorders) called BII, just to name a few. Her personal experience combined with her expertise as a Licensed Nutritionist, and Integrative Wellness Consultant; as well as her education in stress relieving techniques such as mindful movement, meditation, and Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, allow her to guide you through science-based, effective strategies that will lead to real results. Through combining what we know in western nutrition and wellness with traditional inspired wellness theories, Kristin will help you discover what your mind and body need to get you closer to reaching your wellness goals. 
Sessions are highly individualized and based on personal goals. Sessions may include, nutrition guidance and education, self-reflection, custom workouts, pre/postnatal wellness advice, stress and anxiety releasing techniques, and more.
Fall in love not only with you at your highest potential, but with every inch of yourself along the way! 
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Kristin Cariveau, LN. 

Integrative Wellness Consultant