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Kristin Cariveau, LN. 

Women's Healthy Lifestyle & Business Coach

Both in-studio and online options available. Contact Kristin for all bookings and inquiries!
1:1 Health + Lifestyle Coaching
Are you ready to get serious about your health and incorporate meaningful habits into your lifestyle?
Kristin has been there - an 80lb weight fluctuation, body image dysmorphia, orthorexia, and experiencing postpartum, just to name a few. Her personal experience combined with her expertise as a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Nutritionist, and Certified Pre/Postnatal Coach allows her to coach you not only from effective strategies that will lead to real results, but also from the heart. Kristin know's exactly how it feels to wake up everyday with a nagging voice in your head telling you to do better and she is going to show you exactly how you can do just that.
Coaching varies based on personal goals. Sessions may include a custom workout, pre/postnatal wellness, nutrition guidance leading to food freedom, body confidence, and more!
Fall in love not only with you at your highest potential, but with every inch of yourself along the way! 
1:1 Business Coaching
Something incredibly magical happens when a woman sees her potential impact for the first time. When she makes the leap from dreaming to doing, and seeing real results in creating a fulfilling career. Not only does business grow, but personal development improves as well. 
Kristin experienced herself just how lonely and distant being an entrepreneur can me. There are so many questions on how to market, how to increase reach, social media, time managment, legistics of owning a business with the state, budgeting, ect... Having a coach hold you accountable may be just what takes your business from a dream board on your wall, to a full blown, up and running company! 
Whether you have a passion project, side hustle, small business, or private practice, coaching with Kristin ensures you take serious action, increase growth, push out of your comfort zone, and experience a rush of confidence like never before. 
Dare to create the business of your dreams?
RISE ABOVE: Greater Grand Cities Mastermind
Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but looking for an incredible group of supportive, uplifting, driven women while you do it?
RISE ABOVE Mastermind is an empowering group of female entrepreneurs that are ready to grow their business, and brainstorm with an incredible tribe of women while they do it. 
RISE ABOVE is a 4 month program that has bi-weekly meetings (alternating in-person and zoom call), with top speakers from across the country. Each member is added to an exclusive Instagram thread, where they are given unlimited access to each other and to Kristin as the business coach. Celebrate wins, break through barriers, and follow through on real, tangible actions steps that will lead to growth in your business like never before! 
Collaborations + Speaking + Workshops + Retreats
Finding your tribe is a crucial part to seeing lasting results!
Kristin often hosts workshops and retreats in her private studio, where you can nurture wellness, self-care, and grow your community. Follow @kristincariveau for updates on self-care workshops, mommy and me classes, morning hygge and more!
Along with creating programs, Kristin is here to support you and to bring wellness into your community. Through implementing mindfulness, you and everyone you surround yourself with will feel their vibrational energy increase, leading to success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Kristin enjoys facilitating and creating the mindful aspect of your event (yoga, meditation, journaling prompts, ect...) . 
Kristin also enjoys speaking to groups about her personal life experiences, including severe postpartum depression + disordered eating; and sharing tangible action steps to overcome whatever is thrown your way.