Spa and Wellness
1:1 Integrative Wellness Consulting
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1:1 Integrative Wellness Coaching

Working with me 1:1 might be for you if:

- you struggle with hormone imbalance or painful periods

- brain fog throughout the day 

- anxiety/depression

- nutrition barriers

-  fatigue

- looking to increase spirituality and awareness 

- feel like you never stick with habits

-sick of quick fixes and want to implement habits that become a lifestyle 

- Initial nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle assessment
- 2 monthly coaching calls (45-60 min)
- Weekly food and mood journal review and recommendations
- Personalized nutrition and movement recommendations
- Personalized supplement and essential oil recommendations
- Education and recommendations for anxiety management and better sleep
- Coaching on pelvic floor health and pre/postnatal wellness
- Coaching on hormone balance, optimal menstrual health, and the bodies biofeedback
- Communication via email or text with a 48 hour guaranteed response time

Trust me girlfriend, I have been there - an 80lb weight fluctuation, body image dysmorphia, orthorexia, experiencing postpartum depression, and developing a debilitating illness (similar to autoimmune disorders) called BII, just to name a few. You know what I learned through it all?
There is healing and there is hope! Don't give up. Invest in yourself. 
I have made it my mission to empower, educate, and guide women to hormone balance and overall wellness. I combine my personal experiences as well as my expertise as a Licensed Nutritionist, and Integrative Wellness Consultant; as well as education in stress relieving techniques such as mindful movement, meditation, and Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, to walk with women in the same journeys I have walked though.
I guide my clients through science-based, effective strategies that will lead to real results. My goals is to combine what we know in western nutrition and wellness with traditional inspired wellness theories in Eastern medicine, to help you discover what your mind and body need to get you closer to reaching your wellness goals. 
Fall in love not only with you at your highest potential, but with every inch of yourself along the way!