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Kristin Cariveau, LN. 

Women's Healthy Lifestyle & Business Coach


Hello ladies!

I am making it my life mission to breathe hope into your very being, inspiring a positive and healthy lifestyle!


I also promise to never sugar coat a single thing. Everything from soft bellies to messy kitchens, you get nothing but real life here! This picture you see, could not be more accurate! 

- My hubby Jacob (full-time firefighter, part-time helps with my business, full-time amazing husband and father) is making me laugh when I'm trying to accomplish my 283942308 long to do list

- Everything is perfectly placed on my desk because I'm totally OCD when it comes to cleaning

- Elmo is most likely playing in the background for my 2 year old, Evelyn, so we can get at least an hour of work in 

- Francis, my 4 month old is hungry so boob is out which leads me to attempt typing single handed

Life is W I L D right now, but I have seen what beauty can come in the midst of chaos!

Now to the real reason why not only I am here, but you are here...

As most girls, I became highly sensitive and aware of my body starting at a very young age. I remember specifically being in 3rd grade and attempting my first diet. Teenage years were filled with battling a body that wasn't the ideal standard and this eventually led to vicious cycle of binging and guilt. I remember going through the Wendy's drive through alone, getting a bacon cheeseburger, and sitting in the car, enjoying the serotonin rush of happiness. WHYYY do those dang cheeseburgers have to do that!?  Aside from lifestyle factors, I had pretty severe tummy issues throughout my life. I ended up being diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (will save this story for a future blog post!). After SO much prayer, 2 weeks of intense physical therapy, moving away for 2 years, making horrible choices my first years in college, and moving back home to unconditionally loving family + friends that showed nothing but support and honesty, I was able grow and discover my morals, values, and the person God designed me to be.


I lost 75lbs through doing nothing but working my butt off- no quick fixes, no fad diets. Just time eating mostly whole foods, staying consistent with workouts, and again SO much prayer! Through this journey I found a passion for wellness. I switched my major from early education to community nutrition and became a certified personal trainer at our local gym. After 3 years of working with some remarkable women, it didn't take long for me to see that fitness is so much more than hitting the gym for a workout. You have to grow your whole being-mind, body, and spirit. Woman NEED to be heard. We need to dig into our very roots and find what created who we are, so we can truly discover who we are designed to be.  Many sessions, clients would show up to workout, and we would end up talking in a back room about nutrition, strategies to relieve stress, improve sleep, or we simply discussed what overwhelming thoughts were on their heart. I cannot stress enough how important it was we took the time to have these discussions as it is through surrendering to our weaknesses that we are able to find our greatest strengths!

As much as I loved everything about the gym I was at, I couldn't help but feel this deep desire to create something different for my clientele (my love for entrepreneurship!)  I wanted to create an environment that was feminine, private, intimate, and full of nothing but encouragement and positivity!! With support from SO many incredible people I decided to further my education by becoming a Certified Pre + Postnatal Coach, we built a studio in our home, and I opened my business Sorella Wellness.


After about a year of coaching wellness clients in my studio, I began to fall in love with all that owning a business had done for us. Don't get me wrong- being a female entrepreneur is anything but easy! It also however has given my family so much more time and freedom. One thing I've heard again and again from clients, is that time is one of the biggest barriers to reaching their even bigger dreams.This is when I founded RISE ABOVE: Greater Grand City Mastermind! This is a safe space where women in business come together to celebrate wins, break through barriers, and set tangible action steps to see REAL results in growth of not only their business, but personal life as well!

Personal integrity, consistency, honesty, and discipline WILL lead you to living your fullest, God-given potential. .

Your mind is capable.

Your body is capable.

Your spirit is ready.

Girl, you were designed for this!!

Kristin Cariveau

  • Licensed Nutritionist through the state of North Dakota

  • Bachelors Degree in Community Nutrition through the University of North Dakota

  • Personal Trainer through the National Council for Strength and Fitness.

  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach through the Coaching and Training Women Academy