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Girlfriend, I see you! I get where you're at, and trust me when I say I understand just how much of a beautiful rollercoaster (and sometimes isolating) entrepreneurship can be. 
My bet is that if you're reading this, you either are currently in the midst of the #bossbabe or #mompreneur movement or you aspire to be. 
Owning a business absolutely has its perks, but uplifting community or prioritizing health and mindset is often times not one of them. 
That's why I created RISE ABOVE Mastermind!
...To bring a tribe of women together who will support and uplift one another through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. Community Over Competition, right!?
We can't best serve others, until we learn how to serve ourselves. 
Take time to create community, rejuvinate, focus on your health (you have my permission to nap during meditation time), and improve your occupational wellness. 
If this pulls at your heart girl, then RISE ABOVE: Greater Grand Cities Mastermind is for you! 

What is RISE ABOve: Greater Grand Cities Mastermind?

RISE ABOVE Mastermind is a movement. It is where we combine community + wellness + education + inspiration into monthly mini retreats and workshops where you can take time to care for yourself and pour that positive energy into all that you do. Together, we aim for the following: 
- experience improved health and mindset - we must fill our cup in order to best serve others!
- create clarity in life-purpose and focus on your vision aka avoid shiny object syndrome
- increase in financial trust and awareness as the energy of money flows (and how to successfully manage and budget a business income).
- implement management strategies so that time is spent doing things of the highest priorities
- learn exact steps in how to market and grow a quality following and add value to your audience - not just on the internet, but in actual relationships and face-to-face community - including email, photography, social media, and more!
- become inspired through the BEST speakers that will motivate you to grow you business through sharing their keys to success (and how to get back up when you fall, because that is a part of business)
- gain a community of the most incredible + honest + uplifting women who will challenge you past your comfort zone and be the first to celebrate your wins! #CommunityOver Competition

Spring 2020 mASTERMIND

Dates: February 2nd - May 24th
RISE ABOVE: Greater Grand Cities Mastermind will consist of monthly in-person mini retreats + workshops, monthly online zoom calls with keynote speakers, and ongoing connection and support with the other members! You also will receive monthly check-ins with Kristin as your coach! 
10 women will be accepted into this mastermind to ensure everyone receives 
the support + attention they invest in.
Kick-Off and Wrap -Up
Both kick-off and wrap-up night will be hosted at The Toasted Frog because cheesy pickles! We will have a casual evening to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with out tribe! 
Month 1: Mindfulness in a #Hustle World
Learn how to have health + mindfulness + practice self-care in a culture that glorifies always hustling and being a boss babe. Together we will move our bodies, meditate, and learn how to bring our mind to a state of openness and peace in order to honor our creative self! 
Month 2: Confidence, Marketing, and Authenticity 
Become inspired by absolute creative geniuses! Together we will learn how to build a quality following - who cares how many followers you have if they aren't actually connecting with your service! We will learn how to show up authentically, serve our audience, and create strategies for optimal reach. 
Month 3: Time and Financial Flow 
Often entrepreneurship glorifies time and financial freedom - this can be a benefit to joining the boss babe movement, but not without hard work and the understanding that both time and money ebb and flow! Learn how to manage it all with top strategists in this field. 
Month 4: Vision, Focus, and how to Apply
No shiny object syndrome here! Together we will learn how to stay on course, delegate, manage a team, and continue implementing the strategies we have created into our brand focus and vision. We will reflect on how far we have grown, and celebrate all of the incredible wins! 
The Toasted Frog
701 Coworking Space
Ganesha Yoga Studio 
...and more!
Jasna Burza
one of the top life and business coaches in the midwest and founder of Uplevel Together Mastermind
Haylee Houkom
fellow boss babe, marketing + brand developer, and owner of Powerplate Meals
Joy Hillukka
healer, meditation expert, mind + body enthusiast, and owner of Krystal Lotus Wellness
Lexi Safranski
#mompreneur + creative soul + owner of Alexy Jo Photo
Kelly McIntee
health coach, owner of Live Well With Kell, and creator of "How Does She Do It"
Karli Finney
financial advisor with Thrivent Financial, coach, and strategist
Stef Peters
best-selling author, speaker, and millennial entrepreneur
... and more!


Investing in YOU is the best investment you will ever make.
Overfill your cup so you can positively impact and serve others! 
Check out our different payment options below and girlfriend, let's do this! 
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