Hello, Girlfriend!

You're in the right place if you are dealing with 

- brain fog throughout the day 

- anxiety/depression

- nutrition barriers

-  fatigue

- hormonal issues

- looking to increase spirituality and awareness 

- feel like you never stick with habits

-sick of quick fixes and want to implement habits that become a lifestyle 

As your Integrative Wellness Consultant,

I'm here to help bridge the gap between medical information and implementing 

sustainable and positive lifestyle habits.



Girl, I see you and I have been there! Your life is so busy. You feel like you're constantly trying to improve, yet never following through with your word. A fulfilling career, a workout routine, nutrition, journaling, prayer life, healthy relationships, more time with loved ones - you can hardly keep it together for everyone else, let alone serving yourself!  

All of the doubt, guilt, and indecisiveness? 

That stops right now. 


Get ready girlfriend, because you are about to have a major magical mind-shift! You are about to see just how capable you truly are. Through taking major action, pushing out of your comfort zone, and holding value in your personal integrity -  I promise that if you take the time to truly see what your mind and body need, you will see real results. 


I am making it my life mission to breathe hope into women, inspiring a positive and healthy lifestyle. I want to shout from the rooftops and give you the biggest hug (I'm a hugger!) because I am so excited you are here!! There is no going back. You've set the standard and it only gets higher from here. Are you ready?!


"...Kristin was exactly what I needed; she is upbeat, positive, and so encouraging. She took the time to listen to my goals and created a regimen that worked best for me.


I'll be the first person to tell to you that I was not always up for our sessions, but she always made my day and always challenged me in a very comfortable environment. She was also very patient with me and was always willing to listen to my long list of ailments. I know our time together helped me develop a body strong enough for a quick delivery to a very healthy baby boy. 


After baby came, I had some nasty postpartum depression. Cue Kristin again. She checked in with me right when I needed it and gave me the push I needed to get working on me again.


I can't even describe what moving my body and Kristin's ability to listen and positive outlook did for my mental wellness..."

- Chris B.

You deserve more than feeling just okay.


The time to take care of yourself is now.

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Kristin Cariveau, LN. 

Integrative Wellness Consultant